The Space You Deserve

The Wellmade Story

Wellmade specializes in designing and constructing modern prefab studio sheds and accessory dwelling units, but it wasn’t always that way. We began as a design company serving commercial and residential clients in the Bay Area. As we grew, we began to receive requests for add-ons to the primary dwellings. As global situations forced more professionals to work remotely inside their homes, we created several premier designs that could be prefabricated to help clients save money on their build and reduce the timeline to completion - without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. We now are a premier studio shed and ADU builder helping busy professionals and families improve their quality of life.

"I absolutely love hearing our clients say that we've changed their lives with our studios and ADUs. This tell me we are doing something special here and it gives us the energy and motivation to continue to innovate and improve."

Kirill Ostrovsky, Wellmade CEO

The Traditional Residential Design & Construction Process Gets Redesigned.

Finally, a better, faster, more cost-effective process for homeowners with no sacrifices. Everything we craft is intended to convey the highest level of artisan workmanship. Every material we use is hand-picked for its quality, beauty, and durability. With fully air-conditioned sheds and ADUs, cedar-stained colors, and customizable features, Wellmade will design & construct a building that is as visually impressive as it is functional. The best part is that we make this process so easy. We remove the middle men and subcontractors, and serve as your project’s construction project manager from start to finish. No need to hire a draftsman, electrician, air conditioning technician, or plumber: we do it all.

White-Glove Service

Exceptional service delivery is at the core of everything we do. You can expect a superior service experience from your first outreach, through your entire project, and even after your installation is complete.


Contemporary, modern designs that enhance our client's home lives while delighting their sense of style. As a design service, we engineer a modern aesthetic that's both visually impressive and functional.


We’re a design-first company that mastered modern residential design, fabrication, and installation. It's no wonder we're seen as a premier prefab studio shed and ADU builder in the nation.