Our Mission: Lifestyle Transformation Through Design & Custom Construction

The Wellmade Story

Wellmade is a company that specializes in producing lifestyle transformations through custom little buildings such as custom sheds and Accessory Dwelling Units. Our ultimate goal is to leave our clients with a life-changing building and make the process of construction smooth and stress-free.

Designing Dreams The Easy Way

We are a design company, first and foremost. Everything we craft is intended to show off the highest level of artisan workmanship. Every material we use is hand-picked for its quality, beauty to the eye, and durability. We maximize every inch of backyard utilized for this custom building. With fully air-conditioned ADUs, cedar-stained colors, and customizable features, Wellmade will leave a building that is as artful as it is functional. The best part is that we make this process so easy. We take out the middle man, and subcontractors, and act as your project managers. No need to hire an electrician, air conditioning technician, or plumber: we do it all.

White-Glove Service

We consider ourselves a service to our clients first and foremost. We manage your whole project and bring your dream to life. All while crafting your vision affordably, efficiently, and hassle-free.


Artisan work that re-envisions our client's home lives while delighting their sense of style. As a design service, we aim for a modern aesthetic that's impressive and functional.


Mastery of our craft so that we may provide a best-in-class service. This is why we've learned every step of Bay Area permitting, and manage every piece of your project.

Our Designs