ADU – Studio

Key features:

  • 320 sqft of the exterior wall (12' x 26' nominal size)
  • 302 sqft net interior space inside
  • Prefabricated panel system allows for fast installation
  • Concrete slab on grade foundation
  • Finished inside and out, including appliances
  • Air conditioning and heating system
  • Premium black windows and doors
  • Customizable finishes, deck, and hardscape

Customize Your ADU – Studio

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Design the perfect ADU studio: personalized, modern, and sleek. The Studio is designed to be sleek, space efficient, and cost-effective. Guests will be amazed by your private suite when they come to visit. Allow a cohabitating family member to maintain independence while keeping familial support. Use the Studio as your home getaway and sanctuary. The studio can do it all. Simply book a call with a member of our team, and allow us to help you set your vision and intentions for the space. ​

The Sky’s The Limit - We Can Build Anything​

Whether you wish to build a private home gym, a yoga studio, or an entertainment center for friends and family, know that if you can think it, we can build it. Our priority is to bring your dream to life for this project. After you’ve booked a call with our team, we will begin your project within 90 days of your contract signing. We fully manage all aspects of the project, leaving you free to focus on family and career and enjoy peace of mind.​

Base Option - What's Included

For $189,000, all features below are included.

What Our Clients Say

At Wellmade, we let our work speak for itself. Now, we would like to let our clients speak for us.

Mark Lieberwitz

Piedmont, CA

“I still can't believe the quality for price ratio offered by Well Made. They took care of everything from start to finish. The entire team was professional throughout the process, going above and beyond to create a quality building that blends into our space.”

Tim Maes

Piedmont, CA

"We couldn't be happier with the end product. WellMade team has been the ideal partner in the design-build process for our backyard office shed."

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Customize your

ADU – Studio

Total cost: $189,000.00

Installation options

Professional Installation $9,500.00

Deck options

Add 5' deep deck - 53 sqft Add 5' deep deck - 53 sqft $2,800.00

Other additions

Radiant floor mats with control panels Radiant floor mats with control panels $3,350.00
Floating plywood desk Floating plywood desk $850.00
Outside bench Outside bench $1,250.00
Metal planter Metal planter $450.00