Key features:

  • 120 sqft of exterior wall (8' x 14' nominal size)
  • 97 sqft net interior space inside
  • Prefabricated panel system
  • Concrete foundation
  • Insulated walls, floor and roof
  • Outlets and lights installed
  • Premium black aluminum windows and doors
  • Customizable deck

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120 Square Feet Of Lifestyle Freedom

The Presidio design is our custom shed with the largest deck option. This larger deck size offers more freedom for entertainment and leisure time. Our 8x14 design shortens one side while lengthening the other, allowing you to use every inch of your backyard while achieving dimensions that make the space feel larger than it actually is. The Presidio is a perfect place for the remote worker to envision their next big idea, the artist to come up with their next masterpiece, or anyone who just wants a personal sanctuary. Impress friends and family with your modern and innovative office or studio - and use the extra large deck to pull out some chairs and entertain.

Your New Home Away From Home - The Right Way ​

With your installation appointment beginning within 60 days of signing your contract (industry standard is 6-12 months!) we respect that our customers have an immediate need, and require prompt service. As a design first company, we have crafted a process that is the most efficient and provides the most high-end designs in the bay area.

We Like Technology, Especially AR!

Click on the button and let the model load. (Be patient, there are a lot of details for you to see.) Go to AR and let your phone position itself in space and enjoy augmented reality. The shed is scaled correctly by default. You can rotate and place the Shed anywhere you would like. It is very intuitive and a great tool to know what it will look like in your backyard.

Base Option - What's Included

For $33,600, all features below are included.

What Our Clients Say

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Mark Lieberwitz

Piedmont, CA

“I still can't believe the quality for price ratio offered by Well Made. They took care of everything from start to finish. The entire team was professional throughout the process, going above and beyond to create a quality building that blends into our space.”

Tim Maes

Piedmont, CA

"We couldn't be happier with the end product. WellMade team has been the ideal partner in the design-build process for our backyard office shed."

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